#ThePark Rules

This channel is compliant with all network regulations.

1. Channel Regulations:
1.1. In accordance to Furrychat regulations, activity must not exceed PG rating for any reason.
1.2. Furrychat regulations prohibit the following activities, roleplays, references, or discussions;
1.2.1. Sexual content, roleplay, behavior, discussions
1.2.2. Gore, blood, or violence related roleplay, behavior, discussions
1.2.3. Promotion of the possession of or use of illicit or prohibited substances or items in the jurisdiction of the United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, or the country of a user’s origin.
1.2.4. Suicide,
1.2.5. Rape,
1.2.6. Beastiality,
1.2.7 Misconduct with minors,
1.2.8. Sharing of copyrighted works,
1.2.9. Promotion, or roleplays of any other illegal activity in the jurisdiction of Canada, the United States of America, United Kingdom, the European Union, or Australia.
1.3. Channel operators have the right to interpret rules however they see fit.  Users are required to behave in such a manner that does not conflict with orders given by operators.
1.4. Profanities are prohibited.
1.4.1. Self censoring is not an exception to 1.4.

(Channel Specific Rules)
1.5. Users must conduct themselves in such a way to not offend others. This includes, but is not limited to;
1.5.1. Racism
1.5.2. Sexism
1.5.3. Lack of respect to users.
1.6. Please refrain from dragging your personal issues and problems into the channel. This includes but not limited to;
1.6.1. Excessively whining,
1.6.2. Complaining,
1.6.3. Taking your feelings out on others, or,
1.6.4. Generally making the atmosphere of the channel negative and/or uncomfortable.

2. Moderation Guidelines
2.1. Violation of network regulations will result in immediate removal from the channel, and the offending user being referred to a network administrator. If a user would like to appeal any decision made by either channel or network staff, an appeal may be sent to [email protected]
2.2. Users who do not comply with channel operators may be removed at the discretion of the operator.
2.3. Users found swearing or using profanities will be issued with a warning. Repeat offences may result in increasing actions, including but not limited to removal, or a ban at the descression of administration.

3. In Case of Disputes
3.1. Should a dispute arise regarding regulations or moderation, channel operators will be assumed as correct.
3.2. If a valid argument can be made, operators will confer amongst themselves to determine the validity of the claim.
3.3. At the request of a user, all discussions can be made public in a temporary channel.
3.4. If a user becomes disruptive during discussions, the ability to speak during such proceedings will be temporarily revoked.