#TheDen Rules

Aside from network rules, the following is to be remembered:

  1. Remember this is a PG environment, as is the rest of the network. If it isn’t okay there, it isn’t okay here. We take this rating quite seriously.
  2. This is not intended as a roleplay room. We realize it’s fun, but the Den isn’t the best place for it. If you want extended roleplay, rooms like #rpfurs or a couple other rooms are good for that. No one will fault you for the occasional act though.
  3. Serious discussions (religion and politics for example) are okay, but remember not everyone wants to participate. For their sake, if it’s going to be a long or complex discussion, take it to #roundtable. Ask an op for voice.
  4. Ops may request other things, which are not listed here, in order to maintain the family-friendly nature of this room. Please respect them and do as they ask. It makes life easier on all of us.

Contact [email protected] if you have any complaints or questions or want to appeal an op decision.