What does PG mean?

We advertise ourselves as PG, but the exact definition of PG is open to interpretation. In an attempt to have uniformity across the network, the following is my proposal for what “PG” means to FurryChat. These aren’t really based on any nation’s ratings guidelines in particular, in part because I don’t want to bias it too heavily toward one region, and partly because these ratings are a joke.


  • Slapstick is fine. (That’s G). Guns are fine. Shooting users is not.
  • Wrestling/rough-housing are permitted.
  • Blood is to be avoided.
  • No injury (unless it’s necessary for a roleplay and all relevant parties are fine with it).
  • No killing in roleplay.


  • “Replacement words” for common oaths are acceptable.
  • Profanity is frowned upon, but mild oaths are permitted in small doses. The absence of this is a G rating.
  • Insults are not polite. There really is not a time when it is appropriate to insult someone. Don’t do it.
  • You will gain more attention and respect when you use proper language and not chat-speak. You do not have an absurd character limit, so you can spell words out fully.


Sexual content

None permitted. This includes public displays of affection (kissing, touching).


Drug Use

  • References to alcohol and tobacco products are permitted.
  • Positive references to other drugs used recreationally are not permitted, even if legal in the speaker’s country, because they are not legal elsewhere.
  • The usage of the names of these drugs cannot reasonably be forbidden. It is one thing to encourage the use or possession of the item. It is another entirely to acknowledge it exists.

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