Moderation Guidelines

  1. Under most circumstances, a network operator need not intervene in a channel dispute, unless called upon to do so.
  2. Violation of network regulations will result first in a warning, followed by a kick from the channel where the rule was violated. If the problem persists, then the user may be banned from the channel or, as a last resort, the network. The offending user will be referred to a network administrator. If a user would like to appeal any decision made by either channel or network staff, an appeal may be sent to [email protected]
    1. Users who do not comply with channel-specific rules may be removed at the discretion of the channel operator.
  3. Moderators are here to keep the peace. They are not the room bosses and should not view themselves as superior to the other users. A good moderator will not penalize someone simply for disagreeing with him.
  4. In Case of Disputes
    1. Should a dispute arise regarding regulations or moderation, channel operators will be assumed as correct.
    2. If a valid argument can be made, operators will confer amongst themselves to determine the validity of the claim.
    3. At the request of a user, all discussions can be made public in a temporary channel.
    4. If a user becomes disruptive during discussions, the ability to speak during such proceedings will be temporarily revoked.

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