Network Rules and Code of Conduct

Rules for users

  1. This is a family-friendly network. All publicly displayed channels have a PG rating, and private channels may have a maximum rating of PG-13.
  2. Respect one another. We cannot stress this enough. Follow the golden rule, don’t be a brat, and don’t act like you have something to prove. It makes you look silly and will not amuse the ops.
  3. A person may not have more than one nickname active at a time.
  4. Do not spam text or links into any network channel or promote any link for commercial gain
  5. Never try to cause harm to FurryChat or its services.
  6. Network operators have final judgement; however you can appeal any ruling by a network operator by emailing: [email protected] with a detailed explanation.

Rules for Channel Owners

  1. If your channel is publicly listed, it MUST be PG and moderated to ensure a PG environment. Users who refuse to comply should be banned from the channel. Repeat offenders should be reported to network staff.
  2. If your channel has the +s (secret) flag, you are allowed to extend beyond PG as long as the following broader content rules are followed:
    1. NO role-play that is sexual or gore (including vore) based.
    2. NO content that is specific erotic or adult in nature.
    3. NO channels that would advocate or promote illegal activity in the jurisdiction of the users or in FurryChat’s home jurisdiction of Canada. This includes but is not limited to: the possession or use of illicit substances, suicide, rape, bestiality, misconduct with minors, the sharing of copyrighted works, you get the idea.
    4. YOU MUST specify a self-assigned and realistic rating for your channel’s content in its topic. The topic also must accurately describe the purpose of the channel.

Last updated: 2015-01-13