Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy (Updated 1/18/2015)

This policy is an agreement between you and and is applicable to services provided to you at It does not apply to services offered by other websites, even if those websites are linked to by or link to themselves.

In your use of and it’s services (from now on we’ll use the phrase “FurryChat” or “service(s)”) we will collect information, some of which is personally identifiable. Additionally, third-party vendors, contractors and affiliates may also collect this data if we use their services as part of the service we provide to you. This includes third-party cookies for use with AdSense and Google Analytics when visiting

We do not share personal information with other companies or government agencies (except as outlined in the previous paragraphs) unless:
a. compelled to do so by law. In which case we will, wherever legally possible, provide notice of such requests.
b. told of a life-threatening situation involving a user (see our Crisis Policy).

We do not sell or trade personally identifiable information, nor do we collect it for purposes beyond those required to provide services to you and monitor and maintain those services.

We do not send unsolicited or bulk email. We may, however, send transactional emails to you upon your request if you register for services, reset your password, or in other cases where you are clearly told a transactional email will be issued.

We do store logs for use in the maintenance of our network, and our upstream providers are also able to monitor and log connections between you and FurryChat. Other users on the network may also log and store whatever information is publicly displayed about you or by you while connected to the network.

We do not advertise to or knowingly collect information from anyone under the age of 13. If you are under the age of 13 you may not sign up for services, however a guardian may do so on your behalf.

We may change these terms at any time, changes go into effect when posted on this page. Despite the forgoing, paying customers will have 14 days notice of changes via a valid contact method (if provided) and will have the option to receive a pro-rated refund of any unfinished subscriptions should they not agree with changes to this policy.

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