Crisis Policy

FurryChat staff are not trained to deal with crisis counseling.

While we understand that suicide, depression, and abuse are serious issues, we are not equipped to deal with such problems. Users who say they are in a crisis will be directed to this page and urged to contact the appropriate organization.

If you have been directed to this page by administration and need to speak with a counselor, please contact the appropriate organization listed below.

Please understand that while we are unable to provide counseling, we do care, and hope you choose to live. While you may not yet see it, there is always hope for a brighter future.

The following phone numbers are toll-free and should not be contacted as a joke or prank. Pranks tie up phone lines for those who really need it.

If you are unable to locate a suitable organization in the list below, check the following link, or call your local emergency services and they will assist you.
This website will provide a directory of hotlines by country and state/province.

United States:



  • Netherlands National Crisis Line

Countries outside of North America are not yet listed as we have not yet been made aware of any suicide prevention hotlines. We will continue to add them as we are made aware of them.
If you know of free, anonymous, 24/7 hotlines, please send a link to the organization’s webpage with description to [email protected].