Common Commands

All of the following commands can be typed directly into the chat bar.

1. Joining, leaving channels
/join #ChannelName – This allows you to connect to any channel that is not set to invite-only.
/part #ChannelName – This leaves the listed channel if you are in it.

2. Actions, Roleplay
/me performs an action – Using this command is useful during roleplays. Difference is,
<User> performs an action – This was submitted without any commands.
* User performs an action – This was submitted as “/me performs an action ”

3. Changing your Name
/nick NewNameHere – This command will allow you to change your display name. Example;
/nick BobDoe – This will change your name to: BobDoe
/nick JaneSmith – This will change your name to: JaneSmith
Note: Spaces and punctuation cannot be used in names.

4. Services Commands

4.1. Nickserv Registration and Login
/msg nickserv register mypasswordhere [email protected]

This command will register your current nick (name) to Nickserv, which permits you to protect your name from impersonations, or to “ghost” connections that have been lost, but not yet removed from the server.

/msg nickserv identify mypasswordhere
This command identifies you to Services, which will permit you to enforce your name, or give you operative status if you are an op or owner of a channel.
/msg nickserv identify username mypasswordhere
This variation can be used if you are using a name that is not grouped to your account.

/msg nickserv group
This will attach the current name you are using to your account. *Note* You must be logged in (Identified) before you can use this command.

4.2. Name Enforcement
/msg nickserv ghost User mypasswordhere

This will ghost, or remove User from the network, if User is on your account, and connected.

4.3. Channel Management
/msg chanserv register #ChannelName

This command will register a new channel to your account.

!flags User AOP
This will assign Auto-Op to User. Variations include: VOP (Voice), HOP (Half-Op), SOP (Protected Op).

For any other assistance, please contact a moderator.