We’ve Launched A New Site

It’s time for some updates here at FurryChat. As I’m sure is obvious, we’ve updated to a new theme and are in the process of making our network rules and information much easier to navigate and understand. We’ll also be making improvements to our webchat in the coming weeks. Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions by submitting our contact form.

Network Regulation Change; Slaves, Masters, Pets

ANNOUNCEMENT: NEW REGULATION ADDED. By agreement of FurryChat’s channel and network staff, discussion of, engaging in roleplay of, or activities including slaves, masters, pets, is now officially prohibited in all channels, public and hidden, as such is found to be degrading and dehumanizing.
Users will recieve warnings, kicks, or bans, as deemed fit by administration on case-by-case circumstance. Questions or concerns should be submitted to [email protected] or by PM to Silent.